A stylish, welcoming establishment for now and for the future.  ‘Publique’, is a cosmopolitan, gastronomic but most importantly, a totally accessible adventure for you. 

It is a new concept which has, as its core value, that it will be the central meeting point for Zeeheldenkwartier and its surroundings.  A multi-functional venue with possibilities for lunch, dinner, private or business events, or simply just having a drink at the bar.  

We use only quality, selected products that are prepared and served according to international trends and state-of-the-art cuisine standards.  We believe that the ‘Publique’ concept will surpass your expectations.  

Motivated, friendly, professional staff will always go the extra step as our focus is to create a really enjoyable experience for you.

Kind regards,

Maurits, Sjoerd & Casper